Caintode Flats Products, Queensland, Australia

High Quality Scale Replicas of Railway Rolling Stock from Queensland in use pre 1970

Caintode Flats Products are manufacturers of Queensland Government Railways (QGR later QR) replicas in HOn3½ scale (12mm Gauge Track) from the pre 1970 period. Most are designed and manufactured in house to provide the highest quality and accuracy possible and can be supplied in Kit Form or as Ready To Run, time permitting.


Orders can be placed by email or phone and the shipping will be calculated at cost. Payment can be made by Cheque or Money Order made out to Caintode Flats Products. Payment can also be made by Direct Deposit. (Bank details will be supplied on request). See the contact page for details.

You can also purchase from PGC Scale Models at selected Model Railway Shows.

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Passenger Coaches
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